Laundry Express

Laundry Express
8-10 Pembroke Buildings
Cumberland Park
Scrubs Lane
London NW10 6RE

Tel no: 020 8964 3089

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About Us

We are a new company, started in 2011, aiming to develop into a recognised, renown provider of high quality laundry services.

Laundry express was created to provide services to our own hotels and apartments giving us greater control and flexibility when it came to the demanding task of maintaining our company’s polished finish and professional appearance, 24 hours a day.

As a direct partner of the end user, our staff and directors have a clear concept of the demanding daily routine of hotel services and as we have emerged in our own right we maintain strong links that continue provide us with an insight into our client’s needs. We aim to cultivate the same communicative links with all our clients so that we may deliver a bespoke and completely satisfying service that meets and exceeds expectations.